Loon rock/Pkwimu Wkuntem

Trotter, Maxine.  (1996). Loon rock/Pkwimu Wkuntem (H. Sylliboy, Trans., D. Christmas, Illustrator) [In Mi'kmaq and English].  Sydney, Nova Scotia:  Cape Breton University Press.

A children's story written in both English and Mi'kmaq. A Mi'kmaq boy goes to sleep on the lakeshore and dreams of a loon with a flaming red eye. When he wakes, he does what he did in his dream: he grinds red stones to paint the loon high on the rocks across the lake from his village. When he returns, the villagers clap and sing -- he has come home a warrior who has left his mark on the rocks.  Illustrations emphasize the unique values of Mi'kmaq tradition and culture.

ISBN 0920336841, 9780920336847

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